Monday, December 3, 2007


I learned how to play around with In Design, though it sounded simple, it was quite confusing at times.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Website build up

Wireframe-have an idea
Insert table
Organize your files correctly-in dropoff, create a root folder-put all of the web's content
Bring your files in dreamweaver
Save index.html
Browse safari
Click on new and create your second page

Today I worked on developing my website, suprisingly I actually got the terminology. Its really shocking because I usually need some time to grasp it, but for some reason I worked smoothy throughout the whole thing. I did have some trouble with a couple of things, but after carefully looking over my project a few more times, I caught myself in where I messed up.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Flash Animation

My Flash animation is about a little penguin in the arctic. Hes standing next to a fishing hole and all of a sudden a fish pops out and scares the poor little penguin. Theres a happy sun too!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Flash Animation by Motion Tween

Motion Guide: First set up a stage area by using the property inspector opion(adjust coordinates x, y)
Make a window fit: First you adjust the coordinates on your properties table, if it doesnt work go to main menu click on view and magnification and then fit in window, or go to the aplication itself and click the percentage area in the right corner
Import the images to the library
Drag the background image to your stage, the cursor should be on the first key frame, then set up the paramaters on the background(remember to lock the layer so that nothing happens to it)
Then create a new layer, rename the layer(get into the habbiit of renaming layers)
Then working on your first keyframe(if image is too big resize it with the free transform tool)
Deselcting-click any white/grey area
Go into insert, then timeline and click create Motion Tween(purpose is to alter a path).
Be sure that you are in the first keyframe of the "image" layer. Then insert motion guide, go to insert, then timeline, then motion guide(or click the motion guide button on the left of the application)do not operate on the motion guide, operate on the layer that is going to be impacted
Use the free transform tool to activat the image, then select the pencil tool pick a color and draw the path.
Select the image and rotate it with the free transform tool to orient the image to the path
(when you finish, lock your motion layer so that nothing happens to it)
Then click the first keyframe and orient the path(in the properties area)repeat the same process with keyframe 40.

Shape Tween
The Shape Tween is going to allow you to animate objects
Ways to animate: Motion Tween, Shape Tween and KeyFrame
Elements of Motion Tween: Create the motion tween, add a guide motion
The funtioin of edit multiple frame:
The difference between one keyframe, frame, blank keyframe and an edit multiple frame: one keyframe- frame- blank keyframe-
Motion Guide
Motion Tween(shape/tween)
Layer Creation
Na of Layers
Key Frames
Pencil Tool
Color Picker
Smooth Option

Engaging: Learned some interesting ways to create a flash animation with text
Disengaging: alot of information to process in a short time. I dont know if I'll be able to remember, but I will try.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Learning Flash

*Two ways to animate are with Motion Guide and Frames.
*Frames the white area that allows you to work with different content
*Key Frames will be your starting point and your ending point creating the illusion of a sequence.
*Blank Keyframes can hide content in multiple frames.
*Copy & Paste: To copy and paste frames, you click on your first keyframe then hold shift and click your last keyframe. Then right click and press copy, then on your next frame right click and press paste.
*Test Movie: To test a movie you go to Control at the top, and click on "Test Movie"
*Multiple Frame
*Adding Sound: To add sound to a file, choose a particular sound from the internet-convert to either a .wav or a mp3 file-

Monday, October 29, 2007

Midterm Exam

Well so far I feel somewhat comfortable, I still need alot of work in remembering how to do some things, but I think that I might have done fairly well in the midterm. I would not have remembered as much if it was not for Cass. She was a big help, and I thank her alot!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tutorial-Napkin Sketch

Most engaging moment-I learned some cool effects in Illistratior and I wasnt as confused as much, it was like connecting the dots ^o^
Most disengaging moment-It got lost alittle bit, and Im sure that I wont be able to remember all of the steps >,<; I have trouble remembering things.

Power Point Project

Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 3 Picture Manipulation in Photoshop

*preferences: go to photoshop at the top of the photoshop application
*mode: go to image
*image size: go to image
*canvas size: go to image
*resolution: 72 for web
*save as an original file: go to file, save as
*save for web: go to file, save for web

*raster image: conglomerat of pixels
*the pixel is the main ingrediant of a digital image
*a series of 0s and 1s is computer language
*bit map/raster: is a bit map, pixel is the main ingrediant-ways to save: BMP limited bit map file formant, not suitable for web, GIF compressed format good for the internet graphics with solid colors, JPEG a compressed format that means we can lower resolution, good for photographs, TIF not a compressed format, cannot lower resolution
*vector: combination of line and dots-ways to save: .EPS flexible file format that contains a combination of bit map and vector information, PICT used on a mac computer and contains vector and raster data, SWF flash application(animations), SVG emerging XML when your coating you save image
Engaging Moment: I got to learn some interesting techniques today in class, like how to duplicate a picture the easy way, use the free transform tool with an image and learn to apply different tectures and color to an image.
Most Disengaging Moment: I was getting lost alot, Carmen was moving really fast, but I tried my best to catch up and ask her questions.

Monday, October 8, 2007

First Tutorial

Most Engaged Moment: My most engaged moment was when I learned how to save a picture for "web and devices" so that I could put it on the blog site.
Most Disengaged Moment: My most disengaged moment was when I got lost and confused when Carmen was expaining how to do the tutorial. Though I got lost for a few minutes I was able to pick myself back up.